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The Multiplayer Option in Tiny Tanks.

In Tiny Tanks multiplayer, there are three modes: Last Tank Alive (LTA), Team Deathmatch (DM), and Capture the Flag (CTF). You get experience points (XP) for winning a game, and sometimes you get coins, which you can use to buy upgrades for your tank. In addition, you can have up to eight players in one game, upload new arenas, and change settings.

Last Tank Alive Edit

Last Tank Alive (LTA) is the most popular game mode. It is basically like the Hunger Games, where you have to be

An example of LTA.

the last person standing. A good tactic is to keep moving, so you do not get hit by bullets and you can survive longer.

Team Deathmatch Edit

In my opinion, Team Deathmatch (DM) is the least popular game mode. It consists of at least two teams that have to destroy a certain amount of tanks to win. Not many people play it because it is pretty boring.


An example of CTF.

Capture the Flag Edit

Capture the Flag (CTF) is the second-most, and sometimes, more popular game mode than LTA. The objective is to capture the opponent team's flag a certain number of times. A good tactic is camping. You can position your tank close to where the flag is, and when opposing tanks try to take it, you can just shoot at them without exposing your position.

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